Regmi, P., Aryal, N., van Teijlingen, E., KC, R.K., Gautam, M. and Maharjan, S., 2024.

Pre-departure orientation training (PDOT) can help equip aspiring migrant workers with skills and knowledge to mitigate vulnerabilities throughout their migration journey, including health. In Nepal, PDOT has been mandatory since 2004 for migrant workers awaiting labour permits. The current PDOT programme includes country-specific information as well as health and well-being advice. However, the views of trainees and trainers on PDOT are largely unknown. This qualitative study aims to explore perceptions of migrant workers and relevant stakeholders on the content and delivery of PDOT. Six focus group discussions and six in-depth interviews were conducted with migrants, and eight interviews with key stakeholders were conducted. Thematic analysis resulted in five themes: (a) PDOT structure, accessibility, and implementation; (b) role of stakeholders in labour migration process; (c) coordination and governance; (d) curriculum development and relevance; and (e) capacity of trainers and effectiveness of training. Our findings emphasise the need for a more tailored curriculum with relevant information, education, and communication resources, possibly with input from former migrant workers. Regular updates of training topics and resources, as well as continued engagement with migrants after their employment, are essential for meeting the dynamic demands of the global employment market.

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